College Planning

The Nation's Premier College Planning Resource

Since the early 90's, College Funding Solutions, Inc. ("CFS") has been providing cohesive college planning solutions for students, parents, and financial professionals nationwide.  Our company’s distinct focus is to make available pertinent, timely, and practical college planning guidance, with all strategies, procedures, and insight delivered exclusively from the family’s point of view.

OneSource Group is pleased to announce that we have earned the distinct Certification award as Certified College Funding Solution Advisors and we have partnered with CFS to offer this service to our clients and families!


CFS is an experienced consulting firm hired by families to assist with effectively navigating the college preparation and funding maze.  The college planning process is a marathon, not a sprint.  For families to be most successful, they must completely understand the process, devise a plan, and stay on track.  Through two decades of hands-on experience we have developed the true formula for success.